Who We Are

FlowFacto is a trade finance company which provides small and medium sized importers with access to financing to pay their suppliers. FlowFacto pays suppliers on behalf of the importer and collects 100% of the funds plus the applicable fee from importer in 1-60 days.

Our Process

1. Sign Up

Sign up your business for free.

2. Submit Invoices

Submit the information for your order.

3. Suppliers Get Paid

Receive funds from our network of financiers.

Intuitive UI

Our Benefits

FlowFacto will pay up to 100% of receivables owed to suppliers

1-3 Days Approval

Consistently access credit to pay suppliers based on credit limit.

$250 annual fee + 2.5%-5% of invoice value

Our Contact


Oakland, California / Kingston, Jamaica




Jamaica: (876)-492-4983
USA: (510)-214-7065

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